Flying Sites

Flying sites available to the club

The Rollestone Flying Consortium benefits from two excellent flying sites situated on Salisbury Plain Wiltshire within the UK’s largest military range area.

Airman’s Cross

Although still within the range area the Airman’s Cross site is based on private farm land with a good access road and no general public access. The site has a generous pits and flying area, with very few obstacles. Flying can take place at any time but Salisbury Military Air Operations need to be informed during weekdays and you have to watch out for full size low flying aircraft that occasionally pass through the vicinity of the flying field. If full size aircraft approach the vicinity of the flying site then you must reduce height or land immediately.

Salisbury Ops Number 01980 674710

Carter Barracks

Situated on the Salisbury Plain ranges just north of Bulford, Carter Barracks has two grass strips and ample area for a good number of aircraft. As the site is within a busy area of the ranges flying is restricted to week day evenings 6pm till dusk, weekends and public holidays. Occasional restrictions apply if there is heavy military activity. The public also have access to the area so this needs to be considered when flying.

Don’t forget to call the Ops number for Carter Barracks before each session, 01794 301843.

If there is no answer you must assume no flying!!